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New snack concept from Royal Greenland

SNACK'it is a brand new snack concept from Royal Greenland, consisting of delicious little puff pastry snacks with fillings, crispy breaded coldwater prawns and juicy Pretzel Cod Bites. What they all have in common is their versatility and short preparation time - directly from frozen.

Delicate small puff pastry snacks are available in two flavours: one with creamy lobster sauce, 20 g per piece (available in 3.2 kg cartons) and one with smoked salmon, 30 g per piece (available in 3.4 kg cartons).

Puff pastry snack with creamy lobster sauce is made from, among other things, Chilean lobster tails, cognac, butter, cream cheese and garlic. The Chilean lobsters come from sustainable fisheries (MSC certified).

Puff pastry snack with smoked salmon is filled with the best quality smoked salmon (good and juicy salmo salar), cream cheese, chives and Dijon mustard. Flavourful and creamy filling surrounded by crispy puff pastry.

Luxurious small bites with an appetising and inviting appearance. Both variants have a mild and finely balanced flavour profile that will appeal to most people. Butterdej snacks are ideal for use as appetisers at receptions, parties or events.

Prepare in the oven directly from frozen (10-12 min. at 200°C fan oven). Packed loose frozen in smaller cartons for maximum flexibility.

Puff pastry snack

Crispy breaded prawns are large and juicy cold-water prawns (pandalus borealis) - in a light and crispy breading, lightly spiced with paprika.

Cold water prawns in breading are slightly different from what you typically see, but the sweet flavour and high quality of the cold water prawns is undeniable (60% prawns). Many uses, e.g. as delicious finger food or in snack baskets. Can also be used as an appetiser and salad topping or as a meal with e.g. chips and salad. The prawns are also suitable for serving in portions on a buffet.

The breaded prawns are pre-fried and can be prepared quickly and easily straight from the freezer - either in the oven (approx. 5 min. at 200°C hot air) or in a deep fryer (1-2 min. at 180°C). They are labelled with Clean Label, which means they do not contain any artificial additives. The prawns are from sustainable fisheries (MSC certified).

Crispy breaded prawns are packed 3 x 1 kg. ps. per box.

Crispy breaded prawns

Pretzel Cod Bites consist of juicy pieces of Atlantic cod (gadus morhua) breaded in a crispy and flavourful pretzel breading. The special savoury bread pretzel "Pretzel" is known in many countries - but probably especially in German-speaking areas.

The small Pretzel Bites of approx. 20 g contain 55% fish. They have their own characteristic ruffled appearance from the Pretzel breading and have many uses; as delicate finger food, a snack, appetiser or snack. Can also be served on a buffet as a portioned serving with side dishes. The delicate size, crunchy crispy breading and juicy mild fish make Pretzel Cod Bites popular with both children and adults. The cod is from sustainable fisheries (MSC certified)

Easy and simple to prepare in the oven directly from frozen (10-12 min. at 200°C fan oven).

Pretzel Cod Bites are packed 3 x 1 kg. ps. per box.

Pretzel Cod Bites

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