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Welcome to Royal Greenland

We are closest to the fish, closest to the customers and closest to the consumers

As a truly vertically integrated company, Royal Greenland is at the centre of a wealth of competences, cultures, knowledge and accumulated experience, bringing wild-caught, high-quality seafood from the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean to consumers around the globe.

The global presence of Royal Greenland has its origins in the vast areas of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Our own fleet of large ocean-going trawlers fish in the rich fishing grounds between Greenland and Eastern Canada, east of Greenland and as far to the North East as the Barents Sea.

Along the coast of Western Greenland and Atlantic Canada, fishermen land their catches at our more than 40 landing facilities and factories. This local proximity allows Royal Greenland to access a variety of delicious, fresh seafood and sustains thousands of workplaces in the local communities.

Explore an ocean of opportunities with seafood from Royal Greenland.

We offer a wide range of seafood:

Natural Fish

Atlantic cod


Greenland halibut

Shellfish & roe

Cold-water prawns

Snow crab

Lumpfish roe


Smoked fish

Greenland halibut

Atlantic cod



Breaded prawns

Breaded fish

Battered fish strips of Alaska pollock

Battered cod

Stuffed fillets

Would you like to know more about our products? Contact us here:

Jarmo Eklund
Country Manager

Tel.: +358 50 462 1644

Mette Jensen
Account Manager
Tel.: +45 993082138
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