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Royal Greenland fights plastic pollution

Photo: Plastic Change

Sustainability is an integral part of us at Royal Greenland and our aim is to leave a positive imprint on the areas, where we operate. Recently Royal Greenland has supported several new initiatives against plastic pollution.

Royal Greenland now officially supports Plastic Change and their work as a natural part of our CSR-strategy. Plastic Change works to remove plastic waste on beaches and in oceans as a means to better the life of eco-systems in or directly affected by the oceans. 

Now, Plastic Change is mapping the extent of plastic in oceans across the world, led by a Danish research unit from Roskilde University. By trawling the waters with a specially designed trawl, the density of the pollution can be determined in order to obtain an overview of the current situation.

Read more about Plastic Change and their work here

As another initiative against plastic pollution, CSR Greenland hosts an annual Cleaning Day in several cities across Greenland for companies and citizens, where people register to spend a day together to clean areas of waste. This year the focus was on plastic waste as plastic in particular has a very long degradation period, some as long as 600 years. However, degradation does not mean gone, and most plastic turns into micro plastic that cause problems to the environment, among others due to animals' ingestion of them. 

Cleaning Greenland for 6 years

Cleaning Greenland for 6 years

The annual cleaning day has taken place 6 years in a row, but for the first time this year, the oceans have been in focus as well. In Nuuk local divers participated in cleaning the oceans and in total more than 4 tons of waste was gathered.
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More than 500 people and 42 companies united in Nuuk this year to gather waste and make an effort for a better environment. In total more than 4 tons of waste was removed and recycled. The annual Cleaning Day is an initiative from CSR Greenland, where Royal Greenland is a founding partner.

CSR at Royal Greenland

At Royal Greenland, we work continuously with CSR on all levels of the organization to ensure long-term sustainability. We include sustainability in all aspects of the company and we constantly remain alert for further places to improve or cooperate. It is key for our success in this matter that we create or participate in projects that support the environment and our most valuable resource for generations to come – the fish and shellfish of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

Royal Greenland's CSR strategy is centered on three key areas; people, planet and profit.
Read more about Royal Greenland's CSR strategy here


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