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Royal Greenland Academy

We wish to attract and retain qualified employees through ongoing relevant competence development

The Academy coordinates initiatives that will contribute to a good workplace culture, where well-being and job satisfaction are key aspects, just as a large number of statutory courses are also administered via Royal Greenland Academy.

Risks and opportunities 

A large proportion of Royal Greenland’s production employees are unskilled. These employees’ skills and competences are developed continuously with professional courses offered by educational institutions, or as internal courses held by Royal Greenland Academy. The

Academy coordinates such initiatives as ”Sulisa+”, which contributes to achieving a good workplace culture, with focus on well-being and job satisfaction.

There are also a large number of statutory courses that are also administered via Royal Greenland Academy.

Risks and opportunities

Competence and motivation are important aspects of the day-to-day work. A lack of skills would present both a financial and professional risk for the company.


  • Lack of professional skills


  • Value-based development programme at the processing plants - Sulisa+
  • Competence-building courses for employees (including statutory courses)

Royal Greenland Academy gives employees opportunities for professional and personal development via tailored courses.

The Academy offers ambitious training and further education initiatives to ensure that the Group is continuously developing skilled new managers, and which motivate individual employees to continue to do their best for the company.

Goals and results 2023


  • Completion of Sulisa+ management development at selected processing plants and trawlers
  • A minimum of 20% of the employees annually attend Royal Greenland Academy courses
  • Courses for local fishermen among Royal Greenland's suppliers in a minimum of five towns


  • Three Sulisa+ course programmes attended by 171 people took place
  • 204 employees attended statutory courses

Ambitions for 2030: 

  • Management development takes place within a fixed system. 
  • A minimum of 20% of the employees annually attend Royal Greenland Academy courses. 
  • Courses for local fishermen are a fixed programme as part of Royal Greenland Academy. 

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