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Working environment

We want all employees to be offered a safe and healthy working environment

At Royal Greenland, we wish to create a good framework for all employees in a safe and healthy working environment, contributing to a proud working culture.

Risks and opportunities 

The fishing industry can be physically demanding. The work might involve lifting blocks of frozen fish, working at a filleting machine and moving boxes, and in fisheries, hauling the filled trawl nets onto the ship's deck. Filleting furthermore involves using sharp knives.  

For several years, statutory workplace assessments have taken place, both ashore and at sea in Greenland. This has provided knowledge of critical working conditions, of which the three most critical working-environment related conditions at the processing plants are (i) heavy lifting, (ii) cold and draughts, and (iii) slippery floors. 

We can see great opportunities to promote a good and uniform working environment by taking a structured approach that is described in a simple overall working environment system for the Group. Uniform procedures can be set up, and tools can be created that are adapted to local conditions. Education and training must support the focus on the working environment, and strengthen and enhance many work functions.  

Actions and results 2022 

The number of injuries per full-time employee declined in 2022. This is very satisfactory and can be attributed to recent years' increased focus on the working environment.   

The reporting of occupational injuries shows that most injuries are related to falling and tripping accidents due to slippery and uneven surfaces. Knives and non-mechanical tools are another area with a relatively high number of injuries, which also applies to falling objects that hit a toe or another part of the body. Heavy lifting is also one of the challenges at shore-based facilities.   

Workplace assessment 

Workplace assessments took place at the processing plants and facilities in Greenland in 2022.  

Concerning the physical working environment, particular challenges concern the indoor climate, noise level, slippery and uneven floors, and heavy lifting. Within the psychosocial working environment, a small proportion describe challenges with bullying and sexual harassment. Action plans are drawn up for each of these areas. These plans are considered locally, in the main safety committee, and by the working environment team at HR. 

Goals and achievement of the goals 2019-2022 


  • Build up a simple, well-functioning Occupation Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), in harmony with the external environment. 

Achievement of the goal: 

A joint quality, health & safety and environmental management system (QEHS) is being established to cover production in Greenland, Germany and Canada. The work has started to identify the best system to cover this need. We have therefore not yet built up a Group-wide system, but this is expected to take place during 2023. 

To achieve the goal for the period, there was considerable focus on establishing and maintaining the existing safety and working environment organisation. In recent years more resources have therefore been allocated to this area in Greenland, which has strengthened the work nationally and locally. 

Internally, everyone at Royal Greenland is informed about their rights and good business practices. This takes place by providing information on the Code of Conduct to new employees in offices and at production facilities. If an employee discovers a breach of the Code of Conduct, there is a standard complaint procedure whereby the complaint can be directed to the immediate manager or HR.  

In more serious cases, a complaint can be reported via an external online whistleblower scheme, which makes it possible to raise an objection to the incident, while also protecting the employee. Concerning the psychosocial working environment, a working group has been appointed to ensure that selected local contact persons are trained in personal counselling on private matters, should a colleague so require. If additional expertise is required, further assistance will be available via the employee's supervisor and HR. 

Ambition for 2030: 

  • Full implementation of an adapted OHSMS and EMS throughout the organisation. 

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