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Starter & lunch

'Starter & Lunch' represents high quality products that range in the standard+ tiering

The 'Starter and Lunch' range offers tasty products that are ready to use for light meals, a quick sandwich or the lunch box.

Starter & Lunch

The 'Starter & Lunch' range include products that requires very little preparation beyond thawing. Prawns, smoked fish, soups etc. make it easy to make a delicious serving at a glance.

The packaging designs

The packaging is designed to give a quick idea of how the product can be used in an easy, no-frill serving with simple ingredients. 

Examples from 'Starter & Lunch' range

Scroll through some examples from our 'Starter & Lunch' ranges

150g. Smoked Greenland halibut, Vacuum pack

Full design - plastic bag

300g., Cold-water prawns in brine, IML

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