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Anti-corruption and fraud

Royal Greenland undertakes comprehensive anti-corruption training of employees. 

Royal Greenland trades in a global market, with many different stakeholders. It is therefore important that relevant employees are aware of the risks which their jobs may entail.

Risks and opportunities 

At Royal Greenland we do not tolerate any form of corrupt behaviour. This might be tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement or bribery. We operate in many different cultures and it is therefore crucial to clearly require the same code of conduct throughout the organisation. 

To increase risk awareness, employee training is very important. If criminal activity is discovered in the company, the whistleblower scheme can be used. 

Actions and results 2022 

In 2022, there was extensive training of employees selected on the basis of a risk analysis. In total, 212 employees from several departments across the Group attended this training. The content was expanded from anti-corruption dilemmas and procedures, to also include abuse of power and the whistleblower scheme. 

Goals and achievement of the goals 2019-2022 


  • Ensure that our employees are aware of the risks and consequences of corruption. 
  • Prevention of complicity in corruption. 
  • Establishment of an extended whistleblower scheme for Royal Greenland.  

Achievement of the goal:  

In April 2021, the existing whistleblower scheme was updated to an online version that is managed via an external law firm. The scheme applies to all of Royal Greenland's wholly-owned companies. 

Financial crime can be reported, including corruption and irregularities in connection with auditing, as well as environmental pollution and violations of labour rights and human rights, including child labour and forced labour. The scheme also includes violations of food safety regulations.  

The scheme was subject to external evaluation in 2022, and is recommended to be expanded to also apply to partly-owned companies and suppliers.  

Ambition for 2030: 

  • The whistleblower scheme is active and has been expanded to include partly-owned companies. 

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