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Ethical supply chain management, human rights and due diligence

We require our suppliers to comply with recognised ILO conventions and human rights

It is our responsibility to ensure that our suppliers maintain high employee welfare standards.

Royal Greenland operates in value chains across national borders,
legislation and cultures. Royal Greenland's Supplier Code of Conduct
(SCOC) ensures a set of minimum rules for our suppliers, based on
internationally recognised standards (ILO, IMO and UN). By signing
our code, suppliers undertake to work in accordance with these rules.

Risks and opportunities 

A number of risks have been identified and we see opportunities for
prevention by following up the company's Supplier Code of Conduct
and third-party audits.


  • Supply chain failures within human and employee rights, as
    well as safety
  • Force labour and child labour
  • Environmental and traceability failures


  • Differentiated supplier management depending on identified
  • Follow-up via third-party audits

Goals and results in 2023

  • Compliance with Royal Greenland's supply chain management
    system and required third-party auditing of raw material and
    end-product suppliers from high-risk countries, as a minimum
    every second year.
  • 100% approval from suppliers in high-risk countries


  • Suppliers from high-risk countries show 100% approval
  • Suppliers from medium-risk countries show 82% approval
  • Suppliers from low-risk countries show 66% approval

Ambition for 2030: 

  • Fulfilment of Royal Greenland's supply chain management system and third-party audits of raw material and end-product suppliers, and ingredient and packaging suppliers, from high-risk countries, as a minimum every second year. 

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