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Building competences in Greenland's society

We will work to motivate employees and young people in Greenland’s local communities to enrol for education programmes

Royal Greenland is dedicated to contributing to building up competence in our society by offering trainees and apprentices practical training positions under short-, intermediate- and long-cycle higher education.

Sustainable Development Goal no. 4 concerns creating equal opportunities for education, and education of high quality. At Royal Greenland, we convert this Sustainable Development Goal into a wish for far more education for those with the least education. We also wish to continue to upgrade the qualifications of our managers internally, and to support apprentices, trainees and students to a greater extent than before.   

Risks and opportunities 

The Group has a great need for many skilled employees at all levels and within many professions, but a lack of training and expertise can present both a financial and professional risk for the company. 

Royal Greenland is dedicated to contributing to developing skills in our society by offering trainees and apprentices practical training positions during short-, intermediate- and long-cycle higher education.   

Actions and results 2022 

We have a strong focus on Greenland, but we also educate and train employees in other parts of the company. At Group level there were 62 apprentices and trainees in total in 2022, of whom 50 were based in Greenland. In total, 16 apprentices, trainees or students completed their course of education in 2022. 

In Greenland, a total of nine students were attached to Royal Greenland, and 22 students throughout the Group. There is thus good cooperation with universities in several regions, from where students come to Royal Greenland in connection with their master's theses, for example. 

Particular measures are taken to support students from Greenland who are taking vocational higher education programmes. In 2022, a total of 28 students were attached to Royal Greenland via bachelor’s degree or master’s internships and projects. 



Qaqisa is a cooperation initiative between schools and industry with the aim of motivating lower secondary school leavers to choose a course of education on a qualified basis. Via Qaqisa, companies contribute to motivating, helping and guiding the young people who are to be an active part of the workforce.

Goals and achievement of the goals 2019-2022 


  • Training of apprentices and trainees for the fishing industry: Minimum 50 employees per annum. 
  • QAQISA  lower secondary school exchange programme at processing plants and facilities.  

Achievement of the goal: 

Throughout the period there were close to 50 active trainees and apprentices in the Group, and in 2020-2021 the level was even higher. Trainees and apprentices were employed in the areas of food products, technology and administration. The objective of at least 50 was thereby fulfilled, which is very satisfactory. Not everyone completes a full apprentice-trainee programme, however, even though there has been considerable focus on this at trainee meetings and follow-up.  

The QAQISA project, which is led by CSR Greenland, functioned well in previous years, but during the Covid-19 period the project came to a halt and was subsequently discontinued. Royal Greenland was an active member of the steering group and has continued its fundraising, so that the project can continue. 

Ambitions for 2030: 

  • Maintain a minimum of 50 trainees and apprentices per year 
  • QAQISA is the standard procedure. 

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