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Premium range

The Premium range represents high quality products for top of the market tiering.

When only the best is good enough - with guests, in the holidays or when a little everyday luxury is needed - the exclusive seafood in our “Premium range” is the place to look.

The Premium range

In our Premium range you will find very high quality seafood which by their clean, natural flavours bear testemony to the cold, clean waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans where we catch our seafood.

The Premium range is a result of artisanal fishery and processing, carried out with the greatest care and respect for the natural resources, by experienced seafood professionals.

The packaging designs

Developed to communicate the stories about the particular origin of the products, the designs in our Premium ranges show pictures from the areas where the fish or shell-fish is caught, and explain how the seafood has been fished and processed. 

Examples from Premium range

Scroll through some examples from our Premium ranges

Vertical box w. window

Wooden look and window

Upright box with window. Inside vacuum pack.

75g., glass jar with Lumpfish roe

140g., Cold-water prawns in brine, IML

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