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Dive into the unique characteristics of our fish and shellfish from the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans to learn more about each products, gain inspiration for cooking with fish and explore our entire range of seafood.

Product news


GastroFit is a kitchen-ready concept that has come about from collaboration with chefs in quality-conscious canteen kitchens. It caters to busy kitchens that never compromise on flavour, quality and timely servings.

Sous vide

Sous vide is renowned as a gentle cooking method where food is slowly cooked in its own juice.

Facts about fish

Seafood & Health

Seafood contains healthy nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, iodine and vitamin D. These particular nutrients can be difficult to get enough of from other food items.

Why choose frozen?

In many cases, frozen fish actually has a higher nutritional value than fresh fish - and the benefits are many.

Special concepts

All Natural

"All Natural" is our product promise of pureness, sustainability and food safety in all of our natural fish.

Clean Label

The Clean Label range comprises uncomplicated products made from everyday ingredients with no artificial additives.

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Film bank

Royal Greenland has great films about our fisheries as well as the different species of fish.