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Materiality assessment

We assess responsibility and risks, as well as business opportunities

As a company, Royal Greenland has a responsibility to address the material risks and use the opportunities arising in our business operations. We assess responsibility and risks, as well as business opportunities.

Via a structured materiality assessment, we have identified CSR and sustainability conditions, and prioritised those that are most important for the company and for our surrounding environment.

The materiality assessment is based on our

  • Risks and responsibility
  • Opportunities

– towards employees, the environment and the business, and the societies of which we are part. The most significant topics within the two categories are outlined in the schedule and then screened in relation to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Screening of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a common framework for the elimination of hunger and poverty, and reduction of inequalities, and to ensure good educational opportunities and better healthcare for everyone, besides decent working conditions and more sustainable economic growth. 

At Royal Greenland we take a systematic approach to the Sustainable Development Goals and apply this framework to our sustainability work. Fifty-two selected targets have been validated based on their relevance for Royal Greenland, compared to Greenlandic and global stakeholders, respectively. Each selected target is ranked on a scale from 1 to 9, based on our experience, knowledge of stakeholders and contributions from internal workshops held with employees in the organisation.

Our method and process to identify the relevant and most significant SDGs in relation to our risks, responsibility and opportunities:


The distribution of the selected SDGs shows two different patterns, depending on whether these are scores for Greenlandic or global stakeholders. The reason is that the Greenlandic society has a special interest in how a government-owned company, like Royal Greenland, influences fisheries, local communities and job creation. At the global level, the assessment is influenced to a greater extent by customer expectations of responsible and sustainable production.                            

Global goals and targets              

Comparison of the analysis results for the local Greenlandic and the global stakeholders, respectively, gives a picture that is focused on four overall global goals, which we have linked to the company’s perspective and the areas within each priority where we can make the greatest difference:

#14 LIFE BELOW WATER – Our perspective is ‘Sustainable fisheries’

#12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION – Our perspective is  ‘Responsible footprint’

#8 DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH – Our perspective is ‘The healthy working life’

#4 QUALITY EDUCATION – Our perspective is ‘Education in Greenland’

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