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Job creation

We want to offer all employees the same conditions, irrespective of nationality and destination

When employees move from one district to another, or from abroad, a number of conditions must be met.

Risks and opportunities 

During the high season from April to October, there is a great need for many employees at processing plants and other plants. The greatest risk is therefore a shortage of manpower, especially in larger towns with competing employment offers, such as in Ilulissat. 

In recent years, a lot of foreign employees has been recruited from China and the Philippines, for long-term stays in Greenland. In addition, employment under the Nordjobb exchange programme in towns and settlements of Greenland has been a great success.  

In 2019, we analysed the gender breakdown at our production facilities and could see potential benefits from adapting the workplaces to additional employee groups, including women and young people.  

Actions and results 2022 

Our objective includes focus on women as part of the workforce. There is a wish for a balanced combination of the two genders, as this ensures a good working atmosphere. During the year, it was possible to improve the working environment at several locations by, among other things, reducing heavy lifting.  

Goals and achievement of the goals 2019-2022 


  • Establishment of specifications and goals for recruitment of external employees, including a minimum housing standard. 
  • Policy and plan for adjustment of the labour supply to include all workforce groups, including seniors, young people aged 15-18, disabled employees, etc. in relevant job functions. 

Achievement of the goal: 

During the period, both Chinese and Filipino employees were recruited for the Greenlandic processing plants, and foreign labour was recruited for the Canadian factories in Newfoundland and Quebec. In total, the Group has recruited around 280 employees from abroad.  

To ensure the best conditions for the foreign employees, in 2021 a recruitment policy for migrant employees was drawn up to address the actual recruitment conditions regarding payment for travel, ID documents and information for the new employees. Since then, recruitment has taken place via a professional agency that complies with the policy.  

Royal Greenland wishes to continue to strengthen the focus on better working conditions for women, seniors and young people, thereby creating equal opportunities, regardless of gender and age.  

Ambitions for 2030: 

  • Full implementation of working opportunities for special workforce groups. 

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