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Job creation

We want to offer all employees the same conditions, irrespective of nationality and destination

The number of employees in the Group (FTEs) totalled 2,296 in 2023. 63% of the employees work in Greenland, while 20% work in Canada.

Risks and opportunities 

During the high season from April to October, there is a great need for many employees to process the fish and shellfish catches that are landed. The greatest risk is therefore a shortage of manpower.

In recent years, a lot of foreign nationals have been recruited who are originally from China and the Philippines. These people are either already living in Greenland, or move to Greenland for long-term stays. In Canada, Mexicans have also been recruited.

In addition, employment under the Nordjob1 exchange programme in both towns and settlements of Greenland has been a great success. Finally, analysis of the gender breakdown at our production facilities shows potential benefits from adapting the workplaces to additional employee groups, including women and young people. This creates the opportunity to expand the recruitment base and create increased diversity.

Goals and results 2023

Today, women account for around one third of the production workforce in Greenland. The aim is to employ a relatively balanced combination of the two genders, as this ensures fruitful cooperation and a good working atmosphere.


  • Policy and plan for adjustment of the labour supply to include more workforce groups, including women, seniors, and young people aged 15-18, in relevant job functions
  • Implementation of equipment to alleviate the effects of demanding physical work


  • Use of other types of freezers and lifting equipment to eliminate heavy lifting

Ambitions for 2030 

  • Full implementation of working opportunities for special workforce groups. 

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