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Delicious slices of luxury, ready to serve

GOURMET Sliced smoked salmon is a luxury product with a silky soft flavor and texture. We have removed all brown muscle and fat from the smoked salmon fillet so only the leanest meat is left.

Product catalogue!

Product catalogue!

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Salmon has a bright, pink colour and soft meat with an intense and rich flavour. With 1,5 g of Omega-3 fatty acids per 100 g, salmon is a good source for these as well as vitamin D.

Royal Greenland’s GOURMET Sliced smoked salmon is made from carefully selected salmon of superior quality, that are each trimmed expertly, removing the brown muscle and white tendon completely.

The cold smoked salmon is a classic with the well-known soft texture and intense, smoked flavour.

The fillet is cut vertically in 7mm thick slices – ready to arrange on a starter, salad or buffet. The thick slices give a delicate and intense flavor experience in every bite and even small portions of salmon will look great on the plate. 

With our GOURMET Sliced salmon, we present you with several advantages in your kitchen: 

  • Ready to serve out of the packaging
  • No brown muscle or fat – no extra cutting
  • Easy to arrange elegantly
  • Portion control is easy
  • Tasty & delicious



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