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Corporate structure & governance

Royal Greenland is a network of locations, cultures and functions – together we maximize the commercial value of seafood from the North Atlantic

Royal Greenland is a large and complex organisation with subsidiaries in a number of countries around the world. In this section, you can learn more about the Royal Greenland Group.

Executive Board

Susanne Arfelt Rajamand
Nils Duus Kinnerup
Robert-Jan Treebus
EVP, Sales
Joanna Hutchins
EVP, Marketing & Sustainability
Lars Nielsen
EVP, Production
Bodil Marie Damgaard
EVP, HR & Communication
Jens K. Lyberth
Director, Corporate Relations

Executive Board compensation


In addition to the fixed salary, the Group Executive Board can earn a performance-based bonus.

The Executive Board members also receive a free company vehicle, telephone, Internet and newspaper subscription.The Executive Board do not have any pension, severance or retention schemes.

However, this year’s bonus severance pay to Mikael Thinghuus amounts to TDKK 4,496.

Group Production Director Lars Nielsen is subject to 18 months’ notice of termination by the company,
and must himself give six months’ notice of resignation.

The other executive directors are subject to 12 months’ notice of termination by the company,
and must themselves give six months’ notice of resignation.

CEO Mikael Thinghuus resigned on 30 September 2022.

CEO Susanne Arfelt Rajamand took up the position on 1 February 2023.

Notifications from Management

Articles of association

Below, the current Articles of Association of the parent company Royal Greenland A/S are presented.

Articles of association of Royal Greenland A/S

Ownership and associated companies

Royal Greenland is a limited liability company and 100 % of its shares are owned by the Greenlandic Government. Below is a summary of the companies owned or partly owned by the parent company, Royal Greenland A/S.


Supervisory Board

Maliina Abelsen
Susanne Christensen
Deputy Chair
Preben Sunke
Board member
Johannes Jensen
Board member
Jesper Højer
Board member
Niels Søren Thomsen
Board member
Arnanguaq Holm Olsen
Board member
Johan Berthelsen
Board member*
Niels Ole Møller
Board member*
Sara Biilmann Egede
Board member*

* Members elected by the employees

The total remuneration to the company’s board of directors amounted to DKK 2.2 million in 2022.

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