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Third party certification

Royal Greenland requires our fisheries to be certified by an independent third party. 

The implementation of the MSC standard for Greenlandic fisheries is based on strong partnerships between fishing companies, local fisheries associations, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and public authorities. Royal Greenland plays an active role in this cooperation, including as a member of Sustainable Fisheries Greenland.

We wish to produce from sustainable fisheries resources and meet the increasing demand for MSC- and ASC-certified fish and shellfish. At Royal Greenland, we are therefore working to ensure that more fisheries are certified, both by participating in MSC certifications and by participating in the development of fisheries under Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP).


Risks and opportunities 

In the course of the last decade, there has been a natural increase in expectations for third-party certification of fish and shellfish products sold on the retail market and, in recent years, also via other sales channels. In some markets, third-party audits and authorisation are a condition for market access.    

MSC certification or implementation of FIP thus paves the way for new sales activities and can serve to guarantee a stable supply of raw material, as certified fisheries' stocks are sustainable. External advice, as well as control of management and fisheries, secures an impartial external approach and ensures credibility. 

Goals and results 2023


  • More than 63% of our raw material base is certified


  • 58 %

Ambitions for 2030 

More than 80% of our raw material is certified.  

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