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Sustainability – the natural choice

Our responsibilities, priorities and goal fulfilment

We want to base our business on sustainable fisheries, making full use of the available resources, and thereby ensuring an economic and social foundation in the countries in which we operate.

Business model 

Royal Greenland’s business model is based on value creation through sustainable fishing and the purchase of wild-caught fish and shellfish, processing into quality products and sales to local and international customers. Our mission is to maximise the value of our raw materials, for the benefit of our owners and the local communities in which we operate 

Royal Greenland is the largest employer in Greenland and has 37 active facilities along the west coast of Greenland. For the same reason, many people in towns and settlements depend on long-term approach to the shared maritime resources.

We have a great responsibility to act sustainably and minimise the environmental and climate impact of our activities at sea and on land. At all of our processing plants in Greenland, Canada and Germany we have a social and ethical responsibility to ensure that the workplace has a good physical and psychosocial working environment with a high level of well-being for employees.

Sustainability – the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 

Royal Greenland has built up a broad sustainability programme founded on our business strategy and based on four of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Review of the SDGs and evaluation of achievement of the goals 

For presentation of results for 2023, click here:

For a full review of focus areas, activities, target fulfilment and expectations for the coming years, please refer to Royal Greenland's annual report.

Hear our Senior Sustainability Advisor, Lisbeth Due Schönemann-Paul, describe our sustainability strategy.

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