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Gender breakdown of the executive management levels

A broader gender diversity is expected to achieve good employee well-being. 

Under Section 99b of the Danish Financial Statements Act, a company of Royal Greenland's size must set target figures for the proportion of the underrepresented gender in the executive management body, as well as for other management levels, and must also describe when the target figures are expected to be achieved.

Risks and opportunities 

Broader gender diversity can be expected to enhance employees' well-being, and this applies to the Supervisory Board, executive management and production environment. A high degree of diversity in the Supervisory Board and the executive management levels can have a spin-off effect on the lower employee levels in the company's decision-making hierarchy.  

Actions and results 2022 

In 2022, for the first time in Royal Greenland's history, a female Chair of the Supervisory Board was elected. Furthermore, in autumn 2022, a new female CEO was appointed, so that the first management level below the Supervisory Board changed as from 1 February 2023. To actively increase recruitment of the under-represented gender, Royal Greenland has taken several specific measures to improve recruitment efforts. This resulted in the appointment of two women at the second management level in 2022. 

Goals and achievement of the goals 2019-2022 


According to Royal Greenland's gender equality policy, the members of the Supervisory Board elected by the Annual General Meeting must comprise equal numbers of male and female members, which is principle makes a 40/60 ratio acceptable.  

For other management levels, the goal is 26% women.  

Achievement of the goal: 

Today, the composition of the Supervisory Board is m/f 50/50, which complies with the policy. Calculation of the composition of the full Supervisory Board, including the members elected by the employees, shows that the under-represented gender accounts for 44%. 

In 2022, the under-represented gender accounted for 14% of the other management levels. This means that there have been no significant changes during the period in which the gender structure of the three management levels below the Supervisory Board has been measured.  

With inclusion of all management levels, including marine officers and affiliated and associated companies, women account for 17% of a combined group totalling 424 people. The group of officers on vessels accounts for around one half of the employees in the Group.  


Ambitions for 2030 

  • Equal composition of Royal Greenland's Supervisory Board. 
  • 26% of the under-represented gender at other management levels 

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