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Gender breakdown of the executive management levels

A broader gender diversity is expected to achieve good employee well-being. 

Under section 99b of the Danish Financial Statements Act, a company of Royal Greenland's size must set targets for the proportion of the underrepresented gender in the executive management body (Supervisory Board), as well as for other management levels five years back and explain when the targets are expected to be met.

Risks and opportunities 

Royal Greenland believes that diversity is important in order to have a healthy balance between gender and different competencies in the company and thus create a good basis for well-being. We consider well-being in the workplace to be crucial for retaining and attracting new employees.


  • A lack of workplace gender diversity can reduce well-being


  • Improved gender diversity can improve the mental and physical working environment

Goals and results in 2023 (according to the Equal Gender
Policy and §99b)

  • Equal composition of men and women in Royal Greenland's Supervisory Board
  • Minimum 26% of the under-represented gender (women) in the next management levels, in line with the Equal Gender Policy
  • Reporting according to updated Danish legislation §99b


  • Royal Greenland's Supervisory Board comprises three women and four men, i.e. a 43%/57% distribution between women and men
  • The under-represented gender, according to the Equal Gender Policy, has increased from 14% to 18%
  • In Royal Greenland's other management levels, cf. §99b, there are 35 members and the underrepresented gender accounts for 23%.

Ambitions for 2030 

  • Equal composition of Royal Greenland's Supervisory Board. 
  • 26% of the under-represented gender at other management levels 

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