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Management and working method

Dynamic working method throughout the value chain

Royal Greenland’s sustainability programme is reviewed on a quarterly basis by a Steering Group headed by the CEO. On an annual basis, the programme is approved by the Executive Board and submitted to the Supervisory Board.

Dynamic working method throughout the value chain

The Executive Board approves the sustainability programme for submission to Royal Greenland’s Supervisory Board.

Proposals for decisions under the programme are submitted to the Steering Group, which comprises the Executive Board and managerial employees within Communication, HR, Marketing and Sustainability. The Steering Group meets every three months, with one meeting allocated to the annual evaluation. Meetings are chaired by the CEO, with the Corporate Sustainability Manager as facilitator. Final decisions are taken by the Executive Board.


The sustainability team stays updated on current trends, handles compliance tasks and proposes ongoing improvement projects and initiatives. The sustainability team also cooperates with stakeholders in the implementation phase and is responsible for the annual sustainability reporting.

Implementation of the programme primarily takes place in the business areas involved, which are thus responsible for the achievement of the individual initiatives.                                                                               

Holistic approach              

We wish to work on new sustainability initiatives based on a holistic approach. This means that the four priorities are included in the planning, start-up and operation of new production and other initiatives. 

The four priorities are thereby internally related and essential to success across the value chain. This ensures the sustainability of our business operations, while increasing positive effects and reducing negative impacts in the society.         

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