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Fillet Royal

Meet Fillet Royal

Greenland halibut is becoming increasingly popular due to its snow-white meat, delicious, mild taste and versatile use in the kitchen.

We invited chefs from multiple countries to work with our Greenland halibut. The feedback was clear, the quality of the fish is excellent, but can you help us with the prep work?

Based on their recommendation we have developed a convenient product that is even more fit for busy kitchens because it is:

  • Pre-portioned: Cut into equal pieces from the thickest part of the fillet
  • Serving size: 2 uniform sizes: 90-120 g or 120-150 g
  • No kitchen waste: no offcuts, only uniform meat
  • No skin or bones
  • Easy to cook: Greenland halibut does not dry out, even when slightly overdone
  • IQF packed: Easy to store and use continuously
  • Certified sustainable by MSC
  • Fished and processed in West Greenland

Fillet Royal will be available in two sizes later this year.

We asked the chefs

We asked the chefs

To understand how our Greenland halibut is perceived by those who really know about seafood, we let the professional chefs speak for themselves.

We simply let a group of chefs from Hotel, Gastronomy & Event Catering play with the products in FreestyleCooking Workshops and listened to their wishes. On that basis we created the Fillet Royal.

It is really easy to work with – both for preparation and cooking

The mild flavour makes it great for adapting spices and marinades, it can be used for both traditional and modern recipes

The quality of the frozen fish is really good – it feels just like a fresh fish

It is important for me that it is also fished sustainably

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