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Prawns in crispy breading

Juicy, sustainable cold-water prawns in a new, light and crispy breading – simply irresistible!

The prawns can be prepared from frozen condition and directly in the oven or deep fryer in a few minutes.

  • The prawns are ideal for a snack with a side of greens, an appetizer, as salad topping or as a main course with a side of French fries and greens.
  • Save time and avoid waste: Prepare only the needed amount directly from frozen – store the rest

  • Easy to handle: The product is based on already cooked ingredients and is safe to consume after heating

  • MSC certified: The prawns come from a certified sustainable fishery 

  • Clean Label: Well-known, everyday natural ingredients used in a typical private house- hold kitchen. No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, normally described as E-numbers and no genetically modified organisms (GMO)

  • Delicious: Crispy on the outside – succulent and tasty on the inside… yum!


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