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Food trends 2023


Tastes change and nowhere is that more evident and relevant than in the world of foodservice. New year means new food trends and here at Royal Greenland, we have asked our team of chefs and food analysts to offer up their take on what trends are moving to the front burner in 2023!

Honest food

Consumers are looking towards food that embodies good taste, good nutritional values, and a positive footprint on our planet.

Honest food is all about a simplistic approach to what you eat, where consumers want to experience original and honest products with absolutely no surprises – except of course great taste. – Jan Zoutenbier, Head chef at Royal Greenland.

Tap into the trend by choosing your ingredients with care - think clean labels, zero additives and a focus on a transparent production.

Seaweed superfood

Seaweed is making a splash on the food scene at the moment, moving front and center with its superfood qualities; it’s nutritious, versatile and sustainable.

“Expect to see more kelp on restaurant menus and on grocery store shelves during 2023. We suggest using kelp in pesto, pickling it or try drying it to make a seaweed dust to elevate your presentation.” – Jan explains. 

Did you know?

Did you know?

Royal Greenland has invested in a seaweed production in Maniitsoq, Greenland, where we grow sugar kelp and winged kelp.


Speaking of climate consciousness (and yes, we know, this trend will probably come as no surprise), sustainability is gearing up for another round on the food trend list in 2023. But this time, there is a bigger focus on our foods to not only be good for our planet but also for our bodies. Re-think meals where meat used to take center stage and focus on getting proteins from an alternative (and sustainable) source:

“Everybody’s a flexitar – ‘good for the body and good for the earth’ is a mantra, many consumers can identify with these days. Expect to see a growth in communication on sustainability – whether it’s highlighting sustainability certifications or communicating transparently about production processes, we expect to see a clear rise in brands, who wish to display their efforts to minimize environmental impact.” – Pernille Jacobsen, Food Analyst at Royal Greenland.

Retro love

Just when we thought the future looked bright post covid and all, in came a curveball of inflation and war in Europe. Uncertain times are once more part of everyday life and uncertain times call for old-school cuisine:

“Retro love is all about nostalgia and making homely, unrefined feel-good-food that everybody likes. What makes this trend newsworthy is the twist of health in your servings. Try making the dishes with a plant-based protein instead of meat to give a classic a new feel or simply try offering these servings as easy takeaway for families to gather around. In the next year, keep an eye out for #vintagefood or #vintagerecipes on TikTok or Instagram”, Jan explains. 

Flavours less traveled

Consumers often look towards foreign cuisines for inspiration, but this year they seek flavours less travelled, looking for new spice and flavour combinations.

“Find inspiration for your menu by diving into various local African cuisines, such as Tunesian or Nigerian or find inspiration in the Sri Lankan kitchen, where spices such as cumin, cardamom and cinnamon are frequently used. Or take a trip to Cuban cuisine for inspiration, where shellfish and fish are typically used in main dishes together with locally grown fruits and root vegetables”, Pernille suggests. 

Hungry hearts

Our final pick for a trend on the rise in 2023 is to not only noirish your body, but also your heart. The Hungry Hearts trend is about everyday luxury and about enjoying the extravagant and special in the company of loved ones.

“This trend will appeal to consumers looking for an experience to share with friends and family along with their food, so think Insta-game, think fun and think luxury”, Jan explains. 

Tap into the trend by selecting luxury servings, that are shareable on your menu such as seafood towers and make sure to go the extra mile when thinking presentation!

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