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Deconstructed prawn cocktail

Deconstructed prawn cocktail

  • Cold-water prawns
  • Valentine's day


400 g blanched cold water prawns

1 cucumber

200 g goat cheese

1 pear

1 lemon


200 g mushrooms (e.g. shiitake, brown beech mushrooms)


1 part oil

2 parts vinegar

2 parts sugar

Whole peppercorn

Dill and/or pea shoots for decoration

Cooking instructions

Peel the pear and cut into fine brunoise.               

Mix the goat cheese with the diced pear, honey and some zest of lemon peel and lemon juice. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Defrost the blanched prawns and peel them gently.

Peel the cucumber in thin slices. Roll the slices into a twirl or use the 'peels' to decorate your plate/glass                  

Pickled mushrooms:      

Heat oil, vinegar, sugar and peppercorns until the sugar has completely dissolved. Clean the mushrooms and sauté them briefly on a dry, hot pan. Put the mushrooms in a jar and pour the marinade over them.             

Decorate your plate/glass with cumber slices and dose the goat cheese mix with a piping bag. Add the hand peeled prawns and pickled mushrooms. Decorate with small, green herbs.        

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