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A busy Nutaaq® fishing season is coming to an end


A positive Nutaaq® fishing season is soon over, despite covid-19 related challenges the outcome is a high level of refined products, ready for sales, chilled and frozen.

The Nutaaq® fishing season in the fjords and inlets of West Greenland started in the beginning of May this year, and we expect it to close one of the last days in October.

This year we have welcomed more fishermen, from more fishing areas, to deliver the live cod, so the influx of fish has been quite stable at a reasonable level throughout the season. The factory in Maniitsoq has thus been extremely busy.

“Due to covid-19 we have not been able to recruit seasonal workers for the factory, like we normally do, but thanks to an extraordinary effort by the local team, we have been able to process all incoming fish with a high degree of refined processing” says a clearly proud Category Manager, Niels Wann, and adds

“We are very pleased that we were able to fillet almost all our Nutaaq® cod this season, because we experience a high demand for these finished products in all markets”.

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The fillets will be packed IQF or interleaved and is currently being sold to foodservice and retail customers in several countries.

Nutaaq® products

Nutaaq® products

Please find an overview of Nutaaq® products here:


Industry: Skinless fillet, PBI - Skin-on fillet, PBI

Moreover, we now offer ‘Chilled Selection™’, which include thawed fillets, packed on ice, from our processing facilities in Cuxhaven, Germany or St. Johns, Newfoundland. Due to the fast and controlled Nutaaq® process, we are able to offer 10 days shelf-life on the thawed cod fillets.

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Ph. D. thesis behind the documented, longer shelf-life of Chilled Selection™

Ph. D. thesis behind the documented, longer shelf-life of Chilled Selection™

A Ph.D. thesis by Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen from DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, has documented an extended shelf-life of Royal Greenland’s Chilled Selection™ cod products of up to 10 days from production. Two circumstances; A controlled processing environment and the storage conditions have proven to be decisive in obtaining longer shelf-life for the products.

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