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Chilled Selection™

Outstanding quality - excellent taste - up to 10 days shelf life

Chilled Selection™ is our range of re-freshed seafood of the highest quality. The items include Atlantic cod fillets from our renowned Nutaaq® production in Greenland and Greenland halibut from our own fisheries. The products are refreshed in Cuxhaven, Germany for optimal distribution in Europe.

Nutaaq® cod from Greenland

The Nutaaq® cod from Greenland is trap caught inshore in West Greenland (FAO21) and transported live to our production facility in Maniitsoq, Greenland. Here the cod are slaughtered, beheaded, cleaned and bled in a controlled environment in a continuous and fast process, where the cod goes from water to freezer in maximum 2 hours.

Our Chilled Selection™ cod is available with/without pin bone as well as with or without skin.

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Follow our cod from the catch in the fjords and inlets of west Greenland, through the special Nutaaq® processing in Maniitsoq, Greenland and to Cuxhaven where the finished products are expertly cut to order for our customers and becomes Chilled Selection™.



Greenland halibut

The Greenland halibut used for Chilled Selection™ is caught by our own vessels in Western Greenland. Right after catch the fish is cleaned, bled, sorted and cut to specification before it is quickly frozen in a fast, controlled and continuous process.

High hygiene and controlled processes ensure high quality

The fast processes in the controlled environments secures practically zero bacteriological growth and thus an outstanding meat quality, where natural flavours and moisture are sealed in the bright white meat, resulting in a firm and delicate meat quality.

It is due to the extremely fast processing in this controlled and clean environment, that the re-freshed products can offer longshelf life when stored on ice.

In Cuxhaven, Germany the fish is gently defrosted, filleted, hand trimmed, sorted and packed on ice in polystyrene boxes before being shipped to our European customers.

Atlantic cod
Skinless fillets, PBI
Atlantic cod
Skin-on fillets, PBI
Greenland halibut
Skinless fillets

Ph. D. thesis behind the documented, longer shelf-life of Chilled Selection™

Ph. D. thesis behind the documented, longer shelf-life of Chilled Selection™

A Ph.D. thesis by Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen from DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, has documented an extended shelf-life of Royal Greenland’s Chilled Selection™ cod products of up to 10 days from production. Two circumstances; A controlled processing environment and the storage conditions have proven to be decisive in obtaining longer shelf-life for the products.

Read the full article about the Ph. D. study

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