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Congratulations and thank you for excellent co-operation; Completed Industrial PhD thesis documents unique quality of Nutaaq® cod


After a successful PhD examination, Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen has now obtained his PhD title for his research documenting the quality of Nutaaq cod in co-operation with Royal Greenland.

Jonas Steenholdt Sørensens industrial research project 'Capture-based aquaculture of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) in Greenland' has been carried out between 2017-2020 in close cooperation with the National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark. The research project was financed by both the Innovation Fund Denmark (1 mDKK) and Royal Greenland. Team leader Ole Mejlholm (PhD) and Process Developer Niels Bøknæs (Industrial PhD) from Royal Greenland's Corporate Quality Department have been assigned as Project Managers throughout the project.

Nutaaq cod

Based on a desire to optimise the quality of Atlantic cod from Greenland while focusing on strengthening local workplaces in Greenland, Royal Greenland developed an entirely new product concept named Nutaaq ('new' in Greenlandic) in 2015.

The new processing method has been continuously optimised via several innovative measures. The industrial research project by Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen, therefore focused on an on-going validation of the new products and processes in a quality perspective. Based on collected documentation and descriptions of BEST PRACTICE for the production processes - and value chains, Royal Greenland has managed to create a unique concept in high market demand.

Working method

The industrial research project consisted of more extended stays and execution of numerous experiments at Royal Greenland's processing unit in Maniitsoq, Greenland. Strongly supported by Factory Manager Susanne Marie Olsen and her team. During testing Royal Greenland's central laboratory in Nuuk and the New Product Development Department in Denmark also strongly contributed.

Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen in the laboratory at the National Food Institute in Denmark.

The majority of the experiments have been carried out at the National Food Institute in Denmark, where Jonas, under supervision from Professor Paw Dalgaard and Senior Researcher Flemming Jessen, has worked during the project. At the National Food Institute, well suited and up-to-date laboratory facilities have made it possible to carry out efficient microbiological, chemical and sensory experiments of the Nutaaq products.

The outcome of the industrial research project

The PhD thesis provides scientific documentation of 3 production processes for Nutaaq cod produced at Royal Greenland's facilities in Maniitsoq:

  • Chilled or superchilled H&G (headed and gutted) Nutaaq cod
  • Frozen Nutaaq cod fillets
  • Thawed Nutaaq cod (refreshed) currently packed at Royal Greenland's facilities in Cuxhaven, Germany under the brand name 'Chilled SelectionTM'

As part of completing the research project, Jonas has submitted three scientific publications now approved and published in recognised international journals. Also, Jonas has presented his findings at international 49th WEFTA conference, i.e. at the Faroe Islands (Western European Technologists Association).

The industrial PhD has generated substantial basic insights into the three production processes for Nutaaq cod. Thus, Royal Greenland has been able to develop an optimised BEST-PRACTICE for the new innovative production process. The results from the PhD now forms the basis for not only the production process but also scientifically documents the high quality that Nutaaq cod is already renown for in international markets. The project puts an end to documenting the quality that Royal Greenland has achieved through professional and innovative work during the last five years. 

Royal Greenland once again congratulates Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen with his new title and thanks for the excellent co-operation.


Scientific articles

Paper I:

Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen, Niels Bøknæs, Ole Mejlholm and Paw Dalgaard. Superchilling in combination with modified atmosphere packaging resulted in long shelf-life and limited microbial growth in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) from capture-based-aquaculture in Greenland. Food Microbiology, 88, 2020.


Paper II:

Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen, Niels Bøknæs, Ole Mejlholm, Karsten Heia, Paw Dalgaard and Flemming Jessen. Short-term capture-based aquaculture of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) generates good physicochemical properties and high sensory quality during frozen storage. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 65, 2020.


Paper III:

Jonas Steenholdt Sørensen, Oliver Ørnfeld-Jensen, Niels Bøknæs, Ole Mejlholm, Flemming Jessen and Paw Dalgaard. Thawed and chilled Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) from capture-based aquaculture in Greenland - Options for improved distribution. LWT- Food Science and Technology, 131, 2020.

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