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Prawn cocktail brunch Bagels with grilled lettuce

Prawn cocktail brunch Bagels with grilled lettuce

  • Cold-water prawns
Time:30 min
Time:30 min


450g Royal Greenland extra large, luxury prawns

4 Bagels

100g Crème fraiche

2 lemons

100g Chipotle chili sauce

1 Cucumber

2 heads baby gem lettuce

Some Olive oil

Salt and pepper

A few sprigs of dill

Cooking instructions

Defrost the prawns and drain them properly.

Mix the juice from one lemon with the crème fraiche and some salt and pepper.

Quarter the baby gem lettuces, carefully remove the stem and pan fry in olive oil until each cut side is nicely charred.

Half and toast the bagels, mix the prawns with the chipotle sauce, slice the cucumber finely into rings.

Spread the lemon crème fraiche on the bagels, add the cucumber rings (season with salt and pepper), then add the grilled lettuce quarters.

Spoon the dressed prawns onto the lettuce and garnish with lemon zest and dill.

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