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Coast-wide leadership development programmes

During 2022, Royal Greenland has run the leadership development programme Siukkat for managers at several of the largest factories in Greenland.


Siukkat was started in 2018 for top managers from the head office in Nuuk. Today, however, the concept has been further developed and customised for factory managers.

'It is important that our factory managers are well prepared for a busy and changing everyday life, as it often is in our large factories. A development programme like Siukkat helps to ensure this,' explains HR Development Manager Sara Biilmann Egede, who is responsible for the programme.

In 2022, Siukkat has been divided into four modules. The first module was held in February, while the last module ended in November.

Kaj S. Egede, Technical Manager in Maniitsoq, participated in the programme, and he has taken several things away from it: 'I'm pretty sure that the tools will help in everyday life and that they will bring us closer together as colleagues and make our collaboration stronger,' he says.

Kaj hopes that all participants will carry on from Siukkat: 'I'm better able to see my personal achievements and where I've come from, and at the same time I'm better able to see which areas I need to improve in the future', he explains.

The next step for Royal Greenland is to design a concept that also addresses the factory team leaders and foremen, as well as the village leaders.

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