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MSC assessment on offshore fishery for Greenland Halibut


Sustainable Fisheries Greenland has made arrangements with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) to begin the assessment of the fishery for off shore Greenland Halibut on Western Greenland with the goal to obtain an MSC certification.

The fishery will be evaluated in 7 different steps, before it is settled whether the fishery can be certified sustainable. Obtaining an MSC certification for Greenland Halibut is essential because it is one of Royal Greenland's core species. The demand for MSC certified Greenland Halibut is high in Europe and because this certification is likely to be the first of its kind, Royal Greenland is excited to deliver MSC certified Greenland halibut to customers around the world. The assessment will approximately last 12 months and is expected to finish  come summer 2017, but the length of the process will depend on the hearings that the certification must go through.

Prior to the assessment, the offshore fishery for Greenland halibut on Western Greenland has been through a pre-assessment that determined a basis for a full assessment. The certification process requires authorities and professional experts to work closely together and Royal Greenland looks forward to another good cooperation during the certification process.

Read more about the assessment on the MSC website


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