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Nutaaq® cod fillet, skin-on

16-32oz (454-907g), PBI, Single frozen, 10 kg, frozen

Nutaaq® cod fillet, skin-on
Nutaaq® cod fillet, skin-on
  • Species Gadus morhua
  • Item number 130823020
  • Net weight incl. glaze 11000 g
  • Net weight excl. glaze 10000 g
  • Glaze (%) 8 - 12
  • Shelflife (days) 560
  • Storage Frozen
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Nutaaq® cod fillets forms an exceptional taste experience with its fresher, brighter, tastier meat, made from the finest Atlantic cod from Greenland. In the clean, ice-cold waters around Greenland, the cod grows slowly because of the low temperatures. This gives the flavours time to develop their nuances fully.

In season Nutaaq® cod are caught in net traps by local fishermen. The live cod are carefully transported to the local Royal Greenland factory in Maniitsoq where they are processed and frozen within 2 hours from leaving the water.

Nutaaq® cod has a mild umami flavour and a delicate sweetness to the firm and juicy meat. When cooked the cod flakes beautifully into snow-white pieces and provides a healthy and nutritious meal with its high protein and low fat content.

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Catching information

  • Area Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21)
  • Method Gillnets and similar nets
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