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M/tr Sisimiut – The facts


The new “Sisimiut” is specially designed for fishing the sometimes harsh and ice-filled waters of the North Atlantic and is filled with modern equipment, making it a modern and comfortable workplace for the crew. The vessel has recently started its working life fishing for Greenland halibut in East Greenland, and will during summer move on to West Greenland.

State-of-the-art fishing and processing

The vessel holds a wealth of technology for fish finding and logging of the fishery. The fishing gear is designed to obtain high quality raw material and the on-board production is packed with equipment to secure fast precision processing right after catch. All fish are produced in one process and all products palleted before storage. All surface on the trawl- production- and cargo decks is stainless steel to optimize hygiene throughout the fish handling area.

Flag and homeport: Greenland, Nuuk

Classifications: DNV 1A1. ICE 1A*

Main dimensions: length: 82,05 m, width: 17 m, height: 24,15 m. (to top of wheelhouse)

Fish finding: 3 Echo sounders, 4 plotters, GPS, Log-system, trawl monitors

Trawl winch: 3 x 40 tons

Processing plant: Carsoe plant, optimized for Greenland halibut, cod, haddock, saithe

Freezing capacity: 65 tons/day

Deck cranes: Front: 3 tons/10 m., Middle: 5 tons/15 m., After: 7,5 tons/16 m.

Elevator system: For fast unloading of cargo

Efficient in all operation modes

The actual hull design is a new design optimized for both speed, fishery mode and storage capacity. It is designed by the Norwegian company Skipsteknisk. To accomplish the different tasks of quick commute to distant fishing places, efficient fisheries, producing at sea, non-polluting harbor stays etc. the propulsion equipment is carefully designed to accommodate all modes with minimum resource utilization.

Main Engine: MAN engine 9L32/44Common Rail 5400 kW, 750 rpm

Auxiliary Engine: 2x MAN Genset 6L21/31, 1254 kW

Steam Boiler: 1x Parat Combined oil-fired/exhaust boiler. 2000 kg/hour

Newly constructed steering system and rudder

Designed for longer trips

The vessel is designed with modern equipment for the future North Atlantic fisheries, which include longer trips in sometimes harsh weather, more days on the water and more effective harbor stays. Hold capacity is the limit for the length of the trips, and thus optimized to the fullest.

Cargo hold: 2424,5 m³

Tank capacity, marine gas oil: 1294 m³

Hydraulic oil tank: 70,91 m³

Fresh water tank: 224,89 m³

Water maker (desalinator): 40 m³/day

Resource utilization and environment

A strong focus in the design process has been to utilize marine resources 100%. For this reason a fish meal/oil factory is installed to up-grade offcuts and eventual by-catch to commercially viable products. Moreover, several actions are taken to minimize energy consumption and discharge of polluting substances.

LED lightning overall

Electronic trawl winches instead of hydraulic eliminates the risk of accidentally spilling oil, and reduces energy consumption

Incinerator for continuous operation ensures high temperature and optimal incineration

Biological sewage treatment plant

Fish meal / oil plant secures 100% utilization of the fish

Marine Gas Oil only (Max 0,1% sulfur) – no heavy fuel

Comfort on-board for all

As the vessel is also home for the crew half of the year, the interior design and the comfort has been an important part of the design process. The choice of materials, color schemes and the fact that space for single rooms has been prioritized is all chosen to make the vessel a good place to stay.

Primarily single rooms

Spacious living rooms and relax area

Fitness room

Interior design and large windows

Greenlandic, Faroe and Danish art on the walls

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