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Grilled ‘sea’sar salad

Grilled ‘sea’sar salad

Time:30 min
Time:30 min


2 cooked lobsters

3 snow crab clusters

2 romaine salad heads

200 g croutons

50 semi dried tomatoes in ½

30 anchovies

200 g parmesan cheese




2 tbsp Dijon mustard

2 tbsp acacia honey

3-4 dl neutral oil, rapeseed or sunflower

Cooking instructions

Mix mustard and honey until homogeneous. Add the oil slowly and gently while whisking until you have the desired consistency.

Place some of the ‘sea’sar dressing on the bottom of the plate. Place a few romaine salad leaves, roughly chopped on top of the dressing.

Sprinkle the seafood in generous pieces over the salad along with tomatoes and anchovies. Finish with the planed parmesan to garnish and serve with bread.

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