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Steamed Greenland halibut with marbled purée of root vegetables

Steamed Greenland halibut with marbled purée of root vegetables

  • Valentine's day
  • Greenland halibut
Time:30 min
Time:30 min


4 pieces of Greenland halibut loins, 140-160 g each


Beet root

Brussel sprouts



Salt and pepper to season

Cooking instructions

Steam the fish in oven at 80 degrees C for 8-10 minutes.

Cut out circles of celeriac and beet root with a round cookie cutter, boil the leftover beets in water and boil the celeriac in water with milk to keep the white colour. Strain and blend each into a smooth purée, adding the boiling water to obtain the right consistency. Add butter to make it more creamy and season to taste with salt and pepper. Poach the cut-out root vegetables. Peel off the brussel sprout leaves and blanche them in boiling water.

Plate a teaspoon of each purée and place a lid on top of it to create a vacuum. Gently lift the lid to create the marbled pattern. Plate the fish and garnish the dish with cut-outs of beetroot, celeriac and decorate with frisée salad.

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