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  • Greenland halibut
  • Summer
  • Valentine's day
Time:2 hours
Time:2 hours


2 fillets Greenlandic Halibut

6-8 limes, juice and peel

6-8 lemons, juice and peel

30-40 g salt

30-40 g sugar


4 pcs avocado

2 pcs red onion

1 clove garlic

2 pcs mango

2 pcs chili, red

½ bundle chives, finely sliced

Cooking instructions

Sprinkle the fillet generously with salt and sugar on both sides. Place in a vacuum bag and add juice and zest from lime and lemon. Vacuum and leave to rest chilled for 1,5 hours.                                                      

Dice the avocado, onion, mango and chili. Crush the garlic and chop the chives finely. Mix the ingredients into a salsa.  

Slice the fillet thinly and place them on a cold plate in a circle. Place the salsa in the center and serve.

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