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Time:60 min
Time:60 min


300 g cooked & peeled cold-water prawns                            

400 g Greenland halibut                                

3 snow crab clusters                                           

2 cooked lobsters

600-800 g mussels, aprox. 40 pcs                                                                                                                                

2 big baking potatoes                                         

400 g carrots                             

1 celery                                       

2 big onion                                 

2 red bell pepper                                                 

2 big cloves                                

1 fennel                                      

2 leeks

1 tbsp tomato paste



Bay leaves



Add a scoop of sour cream to the bouillabaisse just before serving.

Cooking instructions

Remove the shells from the snow crab and lobster and set the meat aside for later.

Dice all vegetables and sauté them together with tomato paste, paprika, saffron, bay leaves and thyme in a hot casserole until the vegetables gain some colour. Add brandy, reduce quickly and add fish stock. Bring to a boil and season with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Add the mussels to the bouillabaisse and let them cook for a couple of minutes prior to serving. Cut the Greenland halibut into bite-sized pieces and fry them briefly.

Arrange the cold-water prawns, snow crab, lobster and Greenland halibut on a pre-heated plate. Pour the piping hot bouillabaisse over the seafood and serve.


Add a scoop of sour cream to the bouillabaisse just before serving.

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