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Manager training

Asser Matheussen was one of the 131 employees who completed management training and courses in 2019.

Asser Matheussen, a team leader at the factory in Nuuk, attended a team leadership course in 2019. He also took part in activities regarding teambuilding, values and several empowerment courses. “I’ve gained some really great tools to manage a team and the course gave me an insight into the importance of good communication for teamwork. I found the focus on values very useful, since we could talk about the values we want to work by at the factory,” Asser Matheussen expressed after participating in the course.

A part of the courses is offered through the Sulisa+ program, which started in 2018. In 2019, the program was introduced to the production staff. The program aims to create a good work culture which is why the activities are conducted during periods when the production is low and most of the employees can attend.

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