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Nutaaq® Cod in the final - SEG 2018 Seafood Excellence Global awards


We are proud to announce that Nutaaq® Cod is a finalist in the 2018 Seafood Excellence Global awards at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels 24.-26. April 2018. The winners of the competition will be announced at SEG on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 where a distinguished panel of retail and foodservice seafood buyers and new product experts will judge the finalist products.

Nutaaq® Cod has been selected as a finalist for the best seafood product of the year in the category:

"Best Hotel/Restaurants/Catering (HORECA) Product"

"We are of course very pleased that the Seafood Excellence Global committee so highly values the unique Nutaaq® quality that we are able to bring to market through an innovative fishing and processing method in the Greenlandic fiords" says Hanne Kvist, Director, Group Market Development & Marketing, Royal Greenland A/S.

With a maximum of two hours from water to freezer, Nutaaq® cod offers a new cod experience - an extremely fresh filet that cooks perfectly moist and tender. The product truly sets a new quality standard for cod by being fresher, brighter and tastier.

The Nutaaq® Cod concept is developed in cooperation with local fishermen in Greenland. The local fishermen place their net traps next to a rocky outcrop so that the cod is directed into the traps with little possibility of escape. This ancient and low-impact fishing method is selective, as well as environmentally friendly.

When the net is full, the fishermen transport the nets to seawater pools. Here the cods swim calmly directly into the seawater pool without leaving the water. Royal Greenland's well boat regularly collects the cods from the seawater pool and transports the cods safely and gently below deck in circulated sea-water to the factory.

How the finest cod becomes Nutaaq®
The extraordinarily rapid and careful processing is the main reason for the outstanding quality of Nutaaq® cod fillets. When the cods arrive in the factory they are first stunned, then quickly slaughtered and bled in icy-cold water, making sure that all blood leaves the flesh immediately. This gives uniform quality and guarantees that there are no red spots.

The cod is then cleaned, headed, gutted and filleted "pre-rigor" in one mechanical process and then trimmed to perfection by hand. The experienced trimming team scrutinizes every fillet for any red spot or gap in the fillet, in which case the fillet can never be graded “Nutaaq®”. Read more about Nutaaq® Cod here.

Meet Royal Greenland and see the Nutaaq® cod at Seafood Expo Global 24-26. April 2018
You can find Royal Greenland at stand 121 in hall 5. Royal Greenland representatives from all markets will be present. Please contact your local Royal Greenland office to book a meeting and receive information about free VIP registration. Find contact information here.

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