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Royal Greenland

Greenland halibut, portion of fillet,MSC

Skinless, 70-125g, 10 x 350g, frozen

Greenland halibut, portion of fillet,MSC
  • Species Reinhardtius hippoglossoides
  • Item number 121409135
  • Net weight incl. glaze 380 g
  • Net weight excl. glaze 350 g
  • Glaze (%) 8
  • Shelflife (days) 540
  • Storage Frozen
  • MSC certificate no. MSC-C-50920
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This product belongs to our branded, premium tier range of high quality seafood from the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

  • Serving size, natural fillet portions
  • High in omega-3 (2.36 g/100 g)
  • Wild caught in West Greenland
  • MSC certified, sustainable fishery


This product is packed in a solid carton box.

  • Solid packaging that doesn't break
  • Window for great product display
  • Attractive brand design that stands out in the freezer
  • FSC certified carton from sustainable forestry

On pack description

Greenland halibut from West Greenland
The Greenland halibut lives deep down in the icy waters of the Greenlandic oceans. Water temperatures are around zero, providing the perfect conditions for the fish to grow slowly and carefully develop its unique and mild flavours. Greenland halibut has snow-white meat and a juicy bite; A true Greenlandic delicacy! Greenland halibut is caught with trawl in the North West Atlantic along the west coast of Greenland.

Catching information

  • Area Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21)
  • Method Trawls
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