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Southern king crab spring roll

Southern king crab spring roll

  • Southern king crab
  • Shell-on


                        Southern king crab clusters (cooked)

1                      Ginger, fresh

1 bunch            Coriander

100 g                Sugar shoots

100 g                Enoki mushrooms

10-12               Green asparagus

1                      Cucumber

2                      Carrots

                        Rice paper

                        Chili oil

                        Sweet & sour sauce

Cooking instructions

Prepare all ingredients by cutting them into julienne, at least, except the crab meat.

Prepare the crab by cutting off the end at the cluster, then bend the 'joint' backwards so the  inside cartilage of the meat can be pulled out carefully. Cut off the top end and the meat should fall out rather easily.

Prepare rice paper as instructed on packaging, normally by dipping it in warm water for 5 seconds or so.

Place the desired ingredients, including the crab sections of course, so you'll be able to roll the rice paper as a sausage.

Roll rather tight, the tighter you roll it, the easier it will be to handle the spring rolls when you’re enjoying them.

Dip the spring rolls in a sweet chili dip or chili oil, if desired.

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