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Bruschetta with kale oil, dried beans and halibut

Bruschetta with kale oil, dried beans and halibut

  • Summer
  • Greenland halibut
Time:30 min.
Time:30 min.


1200 g of cold-smoked halibut, sliced
100 g black lumpfish roe
10 slices of ciabatta
500 g of Kale
5 dl olive oil
3 cloves of garlic
400 g Feta cheese
2 kg of dried beans and chick peas, boiled and mixed
5 dl poultry stock
Salt and pepper

Cooking instructions

Heat the beans in the stock. Season and set aside.

Cut out the veins of the kale and blanch the leaves in salted water. Drain and mix with the green cabbage oil and garlic. Season.

Toast the bread in the oven and spread with green cabbage oil. Set out the halibut on the bread and serve immediately with a salad of lukewarm beans, Feta cheese and the remaining oil.

Garnish with the black lumpfiish roe.

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