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Dry-aged cod with ‘old-school’ dressing and apples

Dry-aged cod with ‘old-school’ dressing and apples

  • Summer
  • Atlantic cod
  • Nutaaq® Cod
  • Fillet
Time:30 min
Time:30 min


1 kg Royal Greenland Nutaaq® fillets
1 dl cream
1 lemon, lemon zest

Cooking instructions

Start by skinning the fillet. We recommend skinning the cod when frozen for a perfect result (watch our video guide here).

Place the cod fillet on a grate over a 1/1 gastro tray and let it defrost overnight at 2° C. Once the cod is defrosted, remove the pin bones.

Do a mix of salt and sugar (the ratio between the two is optional and should be done to your liking) and sprinkle it on both sides of the fillet. Place the cod on a clean grate over a 1/1 gastro tray. Do not cover or wrap the fish, as it will be unable to dry and drip excess fluids.

Put it back in the fridge at 2° C for 2-3 days (or even longer), depending on how firm you prefer the meat.

Whisk the cream while adding the lemon juice until the consistency is like a thick cream. Avoid whisking it to whipped cream.

Add lemon zest, mustard, salt, pepper and sugar to your liking.

Blend oil and parsley until smooth and pass it through a coffee filter. Cut fine slices of apple and drizzle it with lemon juice.

Plate the dish and garnish with roasted, chopped hazelnuts and kale.

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