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Seasonal work at Royal Greenland

Every year in the high season Royal Greenland needs extra help with processing raw materials, since many of the company's employees are on holiday. To keep the factories running at maximum capacity, seasonal workers are needed.


An important group of seasonal workers are ‘Nordjobbers’: These are young people aged 18-30 who live in the Nordic countries, typically students or young people taking a gap year. Through the Nordjobb program, a Nordic labor market program funded by the Nordic Council, they have the opportunity to experience other Nordic countries.

For several years, Royal Greenland has had a good success rate with Nordjobbers. Typically, between 20-50 young people from different Nordic countries come to Greenland, where they are distributed on production plants along the coast. It is an exciting experience for the young people, and for the employees in towns and settlements, to meet people from different cultures and Nordic countries.

Stable workforce and great experiences

In the high season, many extra hands are needed, especially in Central and Northern Greenland, where Greenland turbot and cod fishing are at their peak. Seasonal workers are required to show up for work on time and work throughout the season for a minimum of three months. The young people pay for the trip to Greenland themselves, and Royal Greenland pays for the return trip, if they work for three months or more. At the same time, they gain the experience of a lifetime in a unique environment located in exceptional natural surroundings.



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