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GOURMETTRIM® - smoked and cured Norwegian salmon

Norwegian salmon...
Carefully selected for first-class quality

Norwegian salmon — Guaranteed quality in every slice

Product catalog!

Product catalog!

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Royal Greenland GOURMETTRIM® is a high quality product that will save you time and money:

  • TIME-SAVING — GOURMETTRIM® is your guarantee that the brown back-muscle and the white sinew on the salmon’s tail has been removed
  • LESS WASTE — Full use of the entire product
  • CONSISTENT QUALITY — High quality every time, guaranteed
  • FRESH PRODUCTS — Only fresh and freshly captured salmon directly from the Norwegian aquaculture
  • SELECTED COMMODITY — The salmon is carefully selected based on its colour, size and fat content
  • FIRM CONSISTENCY AND PERFECT COLOUR — Careful handling and slow maturing and drying
  • SOFT AND DEEP SMOKE FLAVOUR — The salmon is smoked over beech chips and is carefully monitored by the smoke master
  • READY-SLICED — The entire salmon is sliced, including the tail



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