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Our seafood

From sea to table

Royal Greenland is one of the leading seafood Groups in the world. For more than 200 years, we have brought seafood from the oceans of the world to your plate.

Natural fish

Royal Greenland is pleased to welcome you to our world of natural fish. We take pride in delivering outstanding natural fish products to our customers.

Shellfish & Roe

Some of the finest natural food that Nature has to offer is shellfish. All over the world, shellfish is valued and perceived as an exquisite, high-quality food item.

Smoked fish

Royal Greenland has produced smoked and marinated fish since 1988 and employs staff with over 20 years’ expertise in producing the very best quality. We use only the best fish for our production and are attentive towards every step of production, especially food safety. Royal Greenland's smoked product assortment has a very high food safety and the risk of listeria growth is eliminated for the entire shelf life


Our convenience products feature uniform cuts that are oven-ready. The portion-ready sizes ensure easy cooking in both small and large kitchens, enabling chefs to provide easy, healthy and nutritious fish meals with little preparation time.