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Education in Greenland

Our goals and ambitions for education in Greenland are based on UN Sustainable Development Goal #4

We take responsibility for competence development and education in Greenland’s society through specific training programs, in close cooperation with educational institutions and via our own Royal Greenland Academy.

Within the priority Education in Greenland, we focus on 3 subareas:


1. Building up competence in society

We will work to motivate employees and young people in Greenland’s local communities to enroll for education programs through implementing a range of initiatives to promote engagement with and interest in education.

On tour with the education roadshow

On tour with the education roadshow

The mission of the Centre for National Guidance in Greenland is to create a framework for development and evaluation of guidance initiatives in Greenland. The Centre organizes an annual education roadshow which tours the towns of Greenland with major education venues.

Royal Greenland travels along

We have a number of initiatives targeting young people in lower secondary school as well as in professional training programs, i.e. exchange programs with internships at Royal Greenland offices abroad and a fixed level of enrolment of trainees. We cooperate closely with representatives from Greenland’s Ministry of Education on strengthening students’ competences.

2. Royal Greenland Academy – Internal training academy

Royal Greenland Academy coordinates the competence development of the company’s current and future employees. Our aim is to be able to attract and retain qualified employees through ongoing relevant competence development.

Courses for production employees in Greenland

Numerous courses are offered, or are under development in the Academy program, i.e. inspiring courses for employees at factories and on trawlers, annual bootcamps for trainees and apprentices and tailored courses for selected talents

3. Courses for local fishermen

It is important to understand the raw materials value chain from live fish to the end customer to ensure fish of the best quality. This is why we wish to train fishermen together with catch landing teams, to ensure an understanding of both parties’ work, optimize quality and create value for both fishermen and Royal Greenland.

Fisheries are very important for the Greenlandic society

Fisheries are very important for the Greenlandic society

Fisheries in Greenland are structured as offshore and inshore fisheries, and there are considerable differences between them.

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For the full version of our activities within Education in Greenland, please visit our global website here.

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