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Sustainability - the natural choice


We sustainably maximize the value of the North Atlantic marine resources, for the benefit of our owner and the local communities in which we operate

Sustainable business operation is a natural part of Royal Greenland's identity and since 2012, we have worked with sustainability on a structured basis.

Hear our Corporate Senior Sustainability Advisor, Lisbeth Due Schönemann-Paul, describe our sustainability strategy.


Life below water must be safeguarded – for the sake of our future

We wish to operate a company based on sustainable fisheries and full utilization of the resources available. This will ensure a commercial basis whereby all stakeholders enjoy a good and healthy life, with the opportunity for development, and without having to be concerned about the risk of excessive fishing or pollution of the oceans.

It is our responsibility that the resources we fish are put to optimum use, thereby creating added value for local communities, global society and Royal Greenland. In this way, the sustainable solution will also be the natural choice.

More than half of the resources received by Royal Greenland’s factories are subject to third-party certification under MSC, which is the leading certification scheme recognized by professional buyers.

Our employees represent and create value

We wish to maintain an attractive workplace with maximum focus on employee welfare and a good working environment.

To ensure that all employees thrive at work, we seek to strengthen our working environment and environmental systems. We require our sub suppliers to comply with recognized working environment and environmental standards as well. 

Royal Greenland strives to be the future workplace that young people want to work for. Our contribution to the Greenlandic society must happen through professional education and training of employees. We focus on the individual employee by supporting personal development through mentoring schemes. 

The strategic direction

Marine food products should be a sustainable choice. By choosing a holistic approach to the value chain, we create the basis for positive new business opportunities, while reducing negative impacts on the environment.

The aim of our sustainability program is to lay the foundation for the Group’s sustainability work based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and our business strategy, The North Atlantic Champion version 3.0.

In the sustainability program, we set goals for 2022, and ambitions for 2030, that we expect to be of great significance to Royal Greenland’s business and the communities in which we operate.

Our four prioritized initiatives:

#14 LIFE BELOW WATER – Our perspective is ‘Sustainable fishing’

#12 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION – Our perspective is  ‘Responsible footprint’

#8 DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH – Our perspective is ‘The healthy working life’

#4 QUALITY EDUCATION – Our perspective is ‘Education in Greenland’

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