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Royal Greenland proudly present our range of North Atlantic seafood, specially designed for the US retail market

Our branded retail range includes some of the finest North Atlantic seafood from our own fisheries and sourcing, and the products stand out from the crowd due to their origin, quality and design.

Snow crab

Snow crab is known for its beautiful white and orange color as well as the sweet flavor and juicy texture to the meat. The product is already cooked - just thaw and eat. The snow crab can be served cold or quickly heated. It works well in salads, sushi, risotto, pasta or just with a piece of bread on the side. This snow crab is caught in the cold waters near Newfoundland, where the fishermen land their catch directly to our local factory. We cook the snow crab and pack it for your convenience… Enjoy!

Cooked snow crab legs from Newfoundland. 1.5 lbs, MSC. Explore product here


Greenland turbot (Greenland halibut)

Greenland turbot (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) makes serving fish for dinner easy. Turbot is impossible to overcook and the fillets are 100% boneless, perfect for families with kids looking to serve fish for dinner. The fillets turn snow-white when cooked and have a pleasant, slightly sweet taste and soft, tender meat. It is packed with healthy, natural Omega-3’s (2,36g omega-3 fatty acids pr. 100g) as well as vitamin D and potassium. Our Greenland turbot is available as loins and fillets.

Our Greenland turbot comes mainly from Greenland’s west coast, where there is a century long tradition for catching and eating turbot. We fish for Greenland turbot year round throughout the North Atlantic, where a combination of our own fishing fleet and local, Greenlandic fishermen ensure a steady supply to our local factories both ashore and onboard our trawlers.

Cold-water shrimp

Cold-water shrimp present themselves beautifully in stores with their delicate, pink appearance and perfect bite-size. They are the ideal candidate for quick and easy meals, for customers looking for a healthy and tasty source of protein with 24g of protein pr 100g and only 1,1g of fat. Suggest them for use in a sandwich or gently heated in a pasta.

Cold-water shrimp, cooked & peeled, 8 oz., vacuum pack in box

Cold-water shrimp, cooked & peeled, 5 lbs., plastic bag

We are privileged to have direct access to the seafood of the North Atlantic through our own fishing fleet. At Royal Greenland, we catch our cold-water shrimp year round mainly off the West coast of Greenland, where the water provides the ideal conditions to develop the unique taste and texture, the shrimp are known for. We process the shrimp at our own factories along the coast of Greenland or directly onboard our trawlers. Our shrimp are only frozen once to retain the delicate taste and texture the best possible way.

Atlantic cod

Atlantic cod (Gadus Morhua) is known as the true crowd-pleaser, because its light and mild flavors work well in numerous combinations – from fish ‘n’ chips to pan-searing, Atlantic cod is the go-to fish. The meat is completely white when cooked and flakes beautifully into large pieces. Atlantic cod is perfectly suited for customers looking for a healthy source of protein with impressive 18,9 g pr 100 g. Our Atlantic cod is available as both loins and fillets.

We catch Atlantic cod year round both inshore (with gill nets, pound nets and longlines) and offshore (with pelagic trawl) in the waters surrounding both the West and East coast of Greenland.

The low water temperatures in these areas ensure a slow growth, which allows the cod time to develop both taste and texture.

Smoked fish

Deep and complex smoke flavors blend perfectly with fish in our range of smoked fish. Royal Greenland has smoked fish since 1988 with a clear emphasis on high quality, food safety and sublime taste. Smoked fish are perfectly suited for quick and easy meals, where customers are looking for a luxurious and healthy everyday treat.

Royal Greenland’s smoked fish comes in 3 different types; salmon, Greenland turbot and Atlantic cod. A common trait for all 3 types of fish is that we only work with very high quality for our smoked fish, which are selected based in individual criteria for each species.

Food safety in lightly preserved products like smoked fish is extremely important, and must be handled with special care. Through strict quality control, product development and committed research in collaboration with the National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark, Royal Greenland has developed a system to obtain world class food safety and minimize the risk of growth by the bacteria L. monocytogenes growth in our smoked and marinated products.

Lumpfish roe

With a small pop, a burst of fresh, sea-salty flavors are released – it is not without reason, that lumpfish roe is known as ‘the caviar of the North’. The small pearls are characterized by their intense umami taste and their beautiful black or red color, perfect for adding that extra something to your customers’ sushi, in salads or simply as a flavor intensifier in dressings or sandwiches. Our roe is available as MSC certified red or black roe with natural colorants.

Lumpfish roe comes from the lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus). The fishery for lumpfish takes place from April to July along the coast of West Greenland, where the fish are caught with gill nets, a very gentle method for both environment and fish. Once caught, the roe is harvested and the fish is sold as a delicacy in Asia. The roe is then landed, frozen and transported to our specialized factory in Germany where the processing is completed.