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MSC-Certified Greenland turbot from West Greenland

Royal Greenland now offers MSC-certified turbot

Royal Greenland is proud to offer MSC certified Greenland turbot from the offshore fishery in West Greenland that was certified sustainable by the MSC in 2018.

Product catalog

Product catalog

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The range of MSC-certified Greenland turbot, which is being launched on an ongoing basis, comprises natural Greenland turbot skinless fillets as well as cold and hot-smoked Greenland turbot fillets and portions.

Our MSC-certified Greenland turbot are caught offshore in West Greenland in the open seas with large trawlers. After being caught, the Greenland turbot are frozen and shipped to one of Royal Greenland’s factories along the coast where they are filleted and packed. 

Greenland turbot is regarded as a real delicacy. It has snowy-white meat, a sweet and buttery umami taste and a soft and delicious texture. Greenland turbot can be eaten in a myriad of ways with many different side dishes, and as a starter or main course or as a buffet dish.

MSC certification is one way of being sustainable, but at Royal Greenland we also do much more. For example, we are constantly striving to use as much of the fish and shellfish we catch as possible. Therefore, on average we use as much as 90 per cent of the Greenland turbot, as only the skin and bones are discarded.

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