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Sustainable fishing

Our goals and ambitions within sustainable fisheries are based on UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 14

Our fisheries must be managed in accordance with the scientific advice and be certified by an independent third party. We procure fish and shellfish according to equivalent principles and contribute to building knowledge of sustainable fisheries, the marine environment and new species.

Within the priority Sustainable Fishing, we focus on 2 subareas:


1. Sustainable raw materials

At Royal Greenland, we work to increase the number of sustainable fisheries and the ratio of certified fisheries. Our fisheries are managed in accordance with the scientific guidance and we certify only by an independent third party.

Partnership – Sustainable Fisheries Greenland

Partnership – Sustainable Fisheries Greenland

Royal Greenland cooperates at several levels to ensure the long-term sustainability of fisheries in the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. In Greenland, Sustainable Fisheries Greenland is the central body handling Greenlandic MSC applications and pre-assessments, in close cooperation with operators in the industry.

Visit Sustainable Fisheries Greenland here

Among initiatives within sustainable raw materials we focus on retention of current certificates, certification of new fisheries and a larger proportion of certified purchased raw materials.

2. Fishery development – new species

In the future, we must contribute to an ever-increasing global population by developing new food products. But as our marine resources are limited, we will work to develop knowledge and commercialize new species while still maintaining a sustainable focus.

Greenlandic business development department

Greenlandic business development department

A small department in Greenland, staffed with a marine biologist and laboratory personnel, is focused on trial fisheries. 

Read more about the Greenlandic business development department here

Current initiatives within fisheries development and new species deals with sea urchin, sea cucumber and whelk as well as cultivation of seaweed.

For an in-depth version of our initiatives within sustainable fishing, please visit our global website here.

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