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Trawlers of the future are taking shape


In 2015, the Board of Directors of Royal Greenland decided to build two new ocean-going trawlers to fish the icy waters of the North Atlantic and Arctic. After a long analysis phase, it was decided to place the order with Astilleros de Murueta in Bilbao, Spain. The first steel was cut and the keel laid in July 2017. At the close of the year, the work was proceeding according to plan, and the trawlers were taking shape.

On May 16, 2018 the first vessel was launched and will now be finalized in the water. The first vessel will be a very modern fish trawler with an onboard fishmeal factory to ensure full utilization of especially cod. This new vessel will take the place of the current trawler “Sisimiut” which will leave the fleet. However, the name “Sisimiut” will remain, as the new trawler will take over the name and the obligation to deliver the high quality for which the old trawler “Sisimiut” is renowned. The new “Sisimiut” will enter the fishing fleet in May 2019.

See a video of the launch here…


The two new vessels will be able to cover considerably longer distances for the same volume of fuel as today, and they will have higher loading capacity, just as service checks will only be required every five years, compared to today's every three years. The two vessels will be able to fill pallets on board, giving shorter unloading times. The onboard factories will have the very latest equipment and a high degree of automation will ensure products of a uniform high quality.

Attractive workplace

There is also focus on the accommodation and welfare provision for crews. An interior architect with shipbuilding experience is assisting in providing the two vessels with good materials and a high comfort level, so that the vessels have pleasant crew accommodation facilities. There is also focus on giving the vessels' interiors and exteriors an attractive appearance, so that both vessels are a pleasant place to work for the crews.

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